About us

Our company

My Genomics  bornes thanks to the work of the two co-fouders Dr. Luciano Cardelli e Dr. Lorenzo Cardelli.

My Genomics grows fast and keep as its main goal protection and prevention of every person

The team is composed by international managers, scientists, univerisity professors.


Innovetion is a part of the soul of My genomics. In order to answer to the needs of its costumers, My Genomics uses its speialist knowledges for research and develpemnt of new producst. Today My genomics works hard to propose new GenoTest®  with the help of Doctors for the prevention of different pathologies.

Mission & Vision

Offer the Professional a cutting-edge and rewarding tool to support his activities.

- Always proposing new GenoTests.
- Highlighting our scientific expertise in the field.
- Creating a highly specialized network.
- Increasing quality standards more and more.
- Maintaining the transparency of the reports, genes and SNPs analyzed, of the laboratories.
Offer the Customer a valid help to OBTAIN AND MAINTAIN psychophysical well-being.
- Perfecting nutrition and lifestyle.
- Orienting the analyzes for early diagnosis.
- Customizing drug treatment.

Social responsibility

My Genomics is based on values that constantly guide the Group's projects and activities.

This approach is divided into 3 areas:

  • Human factor.
  • Ethical conduct.
  • Transparency.


The Person.

Extreme attention to the psychological implications of the person who decides to submit to the GenoTest always proposing a visit with a Professional in order to ensure the correct interpretation of the results.

Il Team My Genomics.

Continuous training and motivation of the work team are the key factors for the individual and professional development of employees and collaborators.


My Genomics undertakes its development according to European directives and indeed anticipates its changes.

It is committed to complying with GMP and GCP standards and following international directives (EMA, FDA).


Transparency in the structure of the My Genomics team, in the genes and SNPs analyzed, in scientific updates, in the information on laboratory analyzes and structures.

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